My Writing

“This world is but a canvas of our imagination.”

-Henry David Thoreau

I have been writing since around six years old when I learned how to hold a pencil and form sentences on a page. As one may imagine, my quality of writing has certainly improved since the age of six by keeping busy through the years with various writing assignments and projects. Below, you will see some of my current work as well as some past writing I have completed. 

I invite you to contact me to provide any feedback you have. As a writer with big dreams, I am always looking for feedback of any kind. I want to grow. I want to improve. Let me know what you think!

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My blog at rebeccadifabbio.com is where I write about my writing process while I work on my first novel. This is where I will track my writing progress, share my posts on my Facebook business account and Twitter, and encourage fellow writers to engage in discussion about their writing experiences. Follow me to be part of the discussion!

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Read Some Additional Writing Samples

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