My Writing

“This world is but a canvas of our imagination.”

-Henry David Thoreau

I remember scribbling letters in my butterfly journal in kindergarten and performing plays I wrote with my little sister in our living room. I even assigned myself essay topics in elementary school to write at home. My life has been one big writing adventure, and it's not about to stop!


I started a couple blogs through the years, but I have thoroughly enjoyed writing for my blog today. I write content about writing a novel and also share some creative fictional pieces. 

Aside from blogging, I have experience writing website copy, e-books, research papers, news articles, technical documents, and social media content both professionally and academically. Throughout my career, I look forward to applying my expertise to the media and marketing fields.

Writing is hard. It is demanding and usually finds a way to push you outside of your comfort zone. But that's okay--that's what I live for. I'm not looking for anything easy. I am hungry for a challenge. I have the grit and determination for what it takes to reach success.

So, what challenges do you have for me?

I invite you to contact me to provide any feedback you have. As a writer with big dreams, I am always looking for feedback of any kind. I want to grow. I want to continuously improve. Let me know what you think!

My Work


My blog at is where I write about my writing process while I work on my first novels. This is where I will track my writing progress, share my posts on my Facebook page and Twitter, and encourage fellow writers to engage in discussion about their writing experiences. Follow me to be part of the discussion!

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