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My Author Platform


I started a couple blogs through the years since college which has led me to my blog today. I write about writing a novel and also share some creative fictional pieces.


This blog is the hub of my author platform. I have had a lot of fun developing my brand and gaining an audience since I completed the first draft of my first book. Today, what I am most proud of with my author platform is:

  • I have posted on a monthly basis to my blog since January 2019

  • I grew my Twitter following to over 3,000 followers in two years

  • I increased Twitter followers by 20% from January-May 2020

  • I earned an average of 12,000 organic Twitter impressions per month from January-May 2020


My Marketing Qualifications

Aside from blogging, I have experience writing in many other different styles and mediums such as:

  • copywriting

  • e-books

  • news articles

As of 2020, my relevant marketing experience includes:

  • 7 years of marketing and media in general

  • 6 years of copywriting

  • 7 years of blogging

  • 7 years of WordPress

  • Google Search certified

  • Google Analytics certified

  • 1.5 years of display campaigns

  • 1.5 years of Facebook and Instagram ads

  • Campaign analysis

  • Deadline driven

Be sure to visit my LinkedIn profile for more information on all of my professional roles and experience.

My Work


My blog at is where I write about my writing process while I work on my first novels. This is where I will track my writing progress, share my posts on my Facebook page and Twitter, and encourage fellow writers to engage in discussion about their writing experiences. Follow me to be part of the discussion!

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